Frequently Asked Questions

We are giving full service to you to apply payment gateways. The process is so simple, basically, we will setup you a limited company in UK, this will be your company to run your business. We will consult you to apply payment gateways in right way and right documents. You will have a proper UK company to run your business. You can create Paypal, Payoneer, TransferWise and Shopify Payments account (Which only available in US and UK and better rates than Stripe) under this UK company. We will provide you UK address and helping you to meet with accountants too.

It is 299 USD for one-off and takes around 1 week if all goes well. Additional services will cost you only service or documentation fee. But nothing crazy.

Corporation tax is around 19% in the UK for Limited companies. We will introduce you accountants and they will help you with all these information and look after you too. See here for full information about tax.

There is no 100% guarantee we can offer, those companies have their own policies. But I can say in UK, things works way better then US. There is common sense in this country, and I believe our services are way different than the others. Stripe is making it harder and harder like every other payment processor. In some point they are right and in some point they are wrong. They are trying to get rid of sellers who are doing business wrong, we all know them. These bad sellers are the main problem, not Stripe. Because of them, things are harder for everyone and and Stripe closes the honest small business owners’ accounts too. If you are overseas Dropshipper and you have a LLC and you don’t physically operate in the US, sadly things are getting a bit difficult. You need to get prepared. You need someone can be your man in the country you setup your business who will look after your interest, formation companies don’t do that. However, we can’t accept any responsibility or liability for damages arising from Stripe, Paypal, Payoneer or any 3th parties.

You will not be required to register for VAT as you are drop shipping. This is because your goods are never being ‘owned’ within the EU before they reach the end consumer. VAT registration is not included but we can do that with a little fee for you. The taxable turnover threshold which determines whether a person must be registered for VAT, is at £85,000. We will introduce you to accountants who will make it easier for you.

This is the official address of a limited company or LLP. It must be a physical address situated in the UK jurisdiction in which you form your company - PO Box numbers are not permitted.

Companies House is the registrar of companies and limited partnerships in the United Kingdom. All companies must be registered, or ‘incorporated’, with Companies House. Any changes to registered company details must be reported to Companies House, together with any annual statutory requirements (such as the accounts).

All limited companies are legally required to have a registered office address. Statutory mail will be sent here and the address details will be displayed on public record. You company register (including all statutory registers) should also be stored here for inspection, unless you are using a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) address.

A confirmation statement is a document that company directors must complete at least once every 12 months and deliver to Companies House. It is used to confirm the registered details of a company at a certain date, as well as to update certain information (such as shareholders). The confirmation statement replaced the annual return (the name changed on 30 June 2016). It is important not to confuse the confirmation statement with annual accounts, which is a separate annual requirement.

Your company will be liable for corporation tax on any taxable profits it generates.

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